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The gallery has been updated

For now my intention is to complete the gallery with best stuff I have done the last few years. Well, not everything is worth to be shown but I found some treasures though. By and by I’m going to clean up the gallery images. In most cases I need to recreate them. Screenshots in higher resolution, rerender due to lack of render experience years ago and so on… .

The gallery contains projects like the Nissan Skyline for the game rFactor, the Messerschmitt BF109 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator, some commercial stuff like the Eiffel Tower for the game Emergency 2012 and also additional images for the TripleS Pandemonium. Enjoy them.

The Gallardo and Pandemonium go public.

The gallery is showing a first ¬†selection of projects. The first one is a concept car ¬†which I’ve done some time ago. It’t actually not final yet because of a missing cockpit, mapping and textures but the exterior is done. When I touch the model again I find more issues to fix for sure but for the moment everything is still fine.

The second project is my current one. The Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. It’s a medium spec project as well as the concept car. Right now only the exterior is done. This car definitely gets a cockpit and engine. Even a modular color scheme system is included which allows dynamic schemes without using textures. It’s a gimmick just for fun but spits out pretty cool results.

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