The Website of a friend. Max Roetzler is a passionated artist as well and disappears deeper and deeper into the script materia. Script and art, a very powerful combination. Visit his site for helpful max scripts.

Christian Friess is a colleague at work and a passionated artist, too. In contrast to Max Roetzler his passion is more in organic stuff but he also is at high level in inorganic modeling.

This is the website from Jens Kortboyer, a highly talented artist. He works as lead artist at reakktor and pushes the quality of Black Prophecy always a level further.

Reakktor is the company where I am currently employed. A game developer located in Hanover, Germany.

Creature Factory is a talented team of 2 experienced artists. I’ve already been working for them several times. They concentrate on Game-Art and create high quality content in record-breaking time.

A photo portal with an amazing community. Visit my profile on flickr here.