I can fall in love quickly when I see something special of car. In this case it was the official  promo video of the new Gallardo. The Gallardo LP560-4 was present in my head before and liked the design alot but I was sparked with the video. So the decision came to model one of my current favorites.

The Gallardo was modeled at medium-high specs. I’ve been modeling some details which are over the top and have to reduced if the model finds a way into a game. My basic intentions are to drive my models. rFactor is one of these games. The specs are slightly over the usual ones but I don’t care about large race fields so driving with friends is working on average computers. In order to export this to rFactor there is still alot of stuff missing like interior, working elements like lights, motion blur on wheels and the mesh and material setup.

The images below are all viewport grabs from 3ds Max. The realtime dx9 shader has been written by Matthias Markowski.