Another project forFactor. The JGTC Skyline from 2003 came into my mind while playing the GT4 Prologue. That was the first time I ever saw the “new” JGTC Skyline. In the beginning I started with the “Xanavi” team only but was more and more intrigued from all the other ones. I tried to get a list of 20 liveries and even found them. 20 different liveries from all eras of the JGTC racing. It was very interesting to see how liveries from the R32 look on this well shaped R34 model.

Each livery has his own driver but on later progress it became harder and harder to finde references. In such cases I’m a perfectionist. I need to know what the decals display. I found almost everything but th elast 2 liveries I could not manage to complete. Somehow the entire mod never got finished. I also struggled with the physics. I was not that satisfied with the results. The car consist of 65.000 triangles including wheels and driver. Quite alot that time but with LODs it worked pretty fine with 19 other opponents.

While viewing this old project I feel something in my hands :) .

All images show screen grabs from 3ds max viewport with dx9 shaders applied. Real-time shader by Matthias Markowski.

The cockpit has been optimized already and shows visible polygons from drivers position only. That makes it hard to capture from some unique spots.

You can also watch a turntable I’ve rendered a long time ago. Note, that this video has not been rendered in real-time.

Additionally to the Xanavi Team I’ve been creating 19 more liveries. Enjoy watching them. All racing liveries do really exist.