This project was nearly done but a hdd head crash destroyed the final part. The last backup contained at least the final exterior and the interior done by 80% . I still have to remodel the engine as well as the instruments and seat belts. This is going to happen in the future again but after losing days of work, it’s not really motivating to continue.

I already knew about the S7 but it was not very present. After playing Test Drive Unlimited it was MY car. Intended to bring this beauty into rFactor I’ve been starting with the project. It took a while because the progress was step by step, week by week, month by month but I managed it to nearly complete. The polycount is/was around 100.000 tris (altogether). When I see the engine, I see the pain when I’m going to remodel it. It’s really no fun but looks awesome when it’s done. The doors can be opened but nothing else.

The images below show the state of the S7 before it crashed.

The last 4 images are viewport grabs from 3ds Max. The realtime dx9 shader has been written by Matthias Markowski.