Another addon for a computer game, the Microsfot Flight Simulator 2004. This project was also near to completion and took me a long time to create. Especially due to the lack of experience how to get all stuff working like damping wheels, flap animation, cooler flaps, working canopy, propeller in different speed levels, rotating tail wheel and so on. I wanted to be as close as possible to the real one. This is actually the reason, why it never got finished even though I created some different versions like the G2, G6, G10 and later the F4.

Therefore everythings is functional. The position lights, hydraulic landing gear, the adjustment of the propeller blades even the movement of the pilot. The guy is moving and looking wherever you move the stick to. Unfortunately the Flight Simulator didn’t support specular and normal maps. That was kind of annoying but nonetheless it made alot of fun. All liveries I have created are based on existing and still flying ones. The “Black 11″ was the livery the Revell kit has included which I’ve used as reference. The “Wings On Fire” was a personal creation.

Perhaps I’m gonna revise the BF109. I simply love the design from all points of view and the sound of the DB605 engine. I would refine the geometry and completely redo the texuring with higher resolution. Right now the model flies with 36.000 triangles including pilot. If I make it the BF109 is going to be converted for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

It’s hell of fun to rush the machine through the deep Grand Canyon.