This a concept car I’ve made just for fun. I participated in a design contest on CGsociety some time ago and even won the first price. It was named “Super Shiny and Sexy“. That’s why I named the car Triple S. It was a game art contest and the specs of the geometry and textures have been quite low. It was nice actually but for a beautyful presentation not really satisfying. So I have designed a successor. The orginal version was placed some years in the future with stylish wheels etc. The new one I wanted to see as a vehicle that could be driven on roads today.

I love simple and functional design and I have loved the pimp style before it gone commercial. The Triple S Pandemonium should look aggressive and stylish from all sides. Everthing combined from a race car, a super sports car and pimped stuff like decals and so on.
Usually designers seem to focus on the front for designing an aggressive face. I think such a monster should continue this line to the back. Most people would see this car in their rear mirror only. The back looks like a monster which tells you: “Don’t try it!
The front is a complete counterpart. It’s not supposed to look aggressive but also not “friendly”. I didn’t want to be suggestive of creating an aggressive look at all costs. It’s very low but accentuates the wheel archs alot. That even demonstrates power on the lank and low hood. The low line in the front, moving backwards to the high back ends with a huge wing which does not interrupt the flow or brakes the shape.

I have been modeling the car at medium specs. The visible shapes on the body have been cut in. It allows a material switch to receive different styles and expressions. Make it pimpy style, agressive or decent.

The images below are all viewport grabs from 3ds Max. The realtime dx9 shader has been written by Matthias Markowski.