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Black Prophecy is alive

Finally the space MMO Black Prophecy sees the light of the day. After years of development with ups and downs we managed it to bring this game to life. It’s a fast paced action space shooter like Freelancer or Wing Commander. The game is “Free To Play” and can be downloaded from

Click here to watch the release trailer.

Striking a new path

A new period of life is beginning. Independence. After 9 years at Reakktor I resigned my job as 3d artist/art director and want to start my own career. I received a lot of job offers the past few years but didn’t want to accept most of them due to my current job. This is no guarantee for succes in the future of course but at least the job offers spoke for my work. From May 2nd on it’s official from legal side. I’m going to start as freelancer and will see if ideas and plans come true.

First attempt of serious realtime product visualization

The Samsung SGH-G600, a cell phone, is the first attempt of making a serious realtime product visualization with foucs on materials, lighting and reflections. It’s the phone I’m currently using, an oldie but still working ;) . I wanted to try something usual instead of more super cars all over again. The stuff is still in 3ds Max only but I intend to get this into unity as well. Watch the gallery for detailed images.

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